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05.Oct, 2015 UPDATED
LONDON PREMIERE of our short film has been select as part of NATIVE SPIRIT's festival in London, England. Oct. 13th at 7:45pm. 

02.Oct, 2015
A photos from the ‪Legacy Of Exiled NDNZ‬ multimedia series was selected to be part of the Los Angeles Center Of Photography in November 2015. 

08.July, 2014 
Exciting news, a few photos will be part of Venice Arts Ecotone | Boundaries, Tensions, Integration from Aug 2 - Sept 20th. Come out and see them on display! 



Legacy of Exiled NDNZ

 los angeles natives

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Legacy of Exiled NDNZ 

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Legacy of Exiled NDNZ examines American Indians living in urban America, in this case, Los Angeles, California. This project focuses on young adults (from various tribes: Navajo, Cherokee, Seminole, Barona Bands of Mission Indians and Lakota. ) who have migrated from their reservations in the course of their own lives or are the offspring of families that relocated from various tribal reservations through the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ (BIA) Relocation program, which took place during the late 1950s through the 1960s. This photo/film project showcase young adults of today paying “tribute” to the first generation of Relocated (exiled) Indians.